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Understanding Your Heating & Cooling System

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There is a piece of equipment in your home that most of us seem to forget about, we might walk by it maybe once or twice a month and never give it another look, and honestly there is a piece of equipment outside that we all ignore just because in our minds as long as it is doing its job why worry right?


Lets just face it, we all neglect our heating and cooling systems because it just isn’t something we are suppose to worry about, and like I said if it seems to be doing its job by keeping the home cozy warm and comfortably cool, then it is doing its job so why worry right? Wrong! That system is just like any other mechanical piece of equipment, it needs care and needs to be checked out every year to make sure that everything is going to work like it should.


Here are a few do it yourself upkeep that you can do on your own to maintain your system and keep running efficiently.

The number one most important task should be changing your air filter as much as possible. Heating and Cooling companies that do end up coming to your home can tell right away if you change your filter on a regular basis. There many different types of filters as well and depending on what type you may have in your system depends on how many times you need to change the filter. Keep in mind the best way to find out this information is asking what your Heating & Cooling company recommends and keep to that schedule even if you need to setup a reminder on your phone.

Changing your air filter not only keeps your house cleaner, but it will save on build up in your system blower fan and evaporator coil,  and you would be so surprised at how much damage can come from not regularly changing your filters in your system, not to mention decreasing the efficiency of the system, yes it is that important. This of it this way, the best way to explain is called the paper towel experiment, take one sheet of a paper towel and hold it up to your mouth and suck air through it, it doesn’t take much effort does it. Ok now take a piece of paper and lay it over the top and attempt to suck more air through it, yep takes much more effort and at some point, you might just pass out.

Air flow throughout your home is so important and again the air filter is one of the most important parts of your system, so keep it clean and changed increases air flow throughout your home, and the better the air flow the better it is for your health and the health of your system. So, keep Returns clear from obstructions, and let’s keep that filter clean!

Stepping outside and finding your Air Conditioner Unit, and in our world known as a condenser it a piece of equipment that most people completely forget about. When you are out in the yard with the family you can hear this contraption fire up making all kinds of noise, or in some cases just a soft buzzing noise. This unit is a very important part to keeping your home cool in the summer, and in some cases keeping your home warm, if it is a heat pump, but like your filter the condenser can get plugged with dirt and other debris, and when this happens it takes much more energy and again it is all about air flow.

When you look at this system it looks almost like a radiator in your car and it uses the air outside to create that magical cool air inside, however if it becomes plugged up, it can use so much more energy to do its job, and what does that mean, it runs longer and harder and high your energy bills are going to be higher, and yes there are a few things you can do to prevent it from getting out of control.

When mowing the lawn around your unit make sure that the system is turned off or a better way it now to blow the grass clippings towards the unit. Keep the area around the unit free from weeds and other plants, that might get sucked into the coils. Don’t let your animals urinate on it and last but not least take your garden hose without a sprayer attached and starting from the top to the bottom going back and forth, just rinse it off as much as possible, do not use pressure washers for they can damage the coils, and in the fall just cover the top with something simple.

These are just a few ways you can help keep your system in great running condition and with seasonal maintenance with your HVAC company, will keep your system running for many years.