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For the past 10 years GHTR Grand Haven Talk Radio had dominated the local radio market which included a podcast stream that broadcasted around the world with over 2.7 Million listeners. In early 2016 GHTR sort of took the back seat and sort of shut down due to various reasons.
Over the 10 years that we were on the air we had many quests who came who were on many shows, and we think that was mostly the success of why GHTR stood out above all. GHTR is not dead at least it might seem that we have been off the air for a while, doesn’t really matter at this point because we are coming back very soon!
Right now, we are looking mostly of bring back our podcast however with a twist this time around, which means that we will be in front of the cameras which means our channel will them become the main source of how you can watch us. This came about after a long meeting with a few investors who wanted to see us doing our thing on instead of via always the podcast. This is something that has been discussed in the past, but it just wasn’t the right time.

GHTR is scheduled to start filming in late October if everything comes together at that time. We are not sure who will be coming back or who will be on the show, but you can rest assure that Robert will be there mainly because that is where the station is. There is talk that Kris Allen might be returning to do the show and bring back the great chemistry between Rob & Kris, which captivated listeners for over 5 years. The show will run for 30 minutes at first then going to one hour. We will be discussing current news and maybe even bring in up and coming new artist. Our goal is to keep our listeners engaged in the topics, and it will be up to them to push us along.
We will see what happens but lets keep an eye out for the return.

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