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Are Dealerships sticking it to people without credit?


Today it is hard enough to try to get ahead with life and we all know that anything can happen at any time, but it always seems to happen at the worst possible moment and when some of us just don’t have the money to recover.

Last winter was one of those times in which everything that could go wrong did go wrong. While coming home from Grand Rapids I was blown off the road and smashed my car up and it would need to be repaired which really didn’t have the money for, and not only that the car I was driving was my only car. I needed to get a newer car something that would replace what I had, so I went to Preferred Used Cars in Grand Haven, I called them at first, but was told they could help me.

I brought a friend of mine with me to go look at a few cars, however when I arrived the salesman told me that there was only one car on the lot that they could finance me, in my head I was like, only one car?, the sales person was very excited and had the car running and my friend and I walked around the vehicle and heard a ticking noise coming from the engine which is never a good sign.

The sales person seemed a bit new to sales, and we had a ton of questions, but he kept saying this is the only car that I can get you into due to your credit, which I knew wasn’t the best but it was horrible, and instead of taking the car for a test drive we stepped inside to discuss financing options. The main question was how much the car was, which the salesperson said I can get you into this for $190.00 per-month, and when we asked how long the loan was for, they told us 6 years and pay off would be around $17,000 which I about fell backwards and none of what he was telling us made any sense but for every question we had, the salesperson had to run back and talk to the sales manager. We then asked him, “If I was to write you a check to buy the vehicle right now how much would it be”? The salesperson ran again back to the sales manager and came back with, $5,300.00 I looked at my friend and my friend looked back at me and both looked at the sales person, he knew that what he said didn’t make any sense at all and it was just a outright scam to get me into a vehicle and have me pay 3 times the asking price. He just kept saying this all had to do with my credit.

Well we left the dealership without a new vehicle and on the ride home my friend just kept saying how these place prey on people like you because they know you are desperate, you need transportation and if they can get the payment down low enough they can talk you into buying a car, and 3-4 times the asking price and honestly if you shop around you can get a used later model at he same price, which leads you to really see what is going on and yes it is nothing more then a huge scam and dealerships get away with it every day.