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Choosing Your Heating & Cooling Company!

Professional Companies

Inside a gas furnace. Focus = the top of the middle flange. 12MP camera.

In our line of work there are so many different companies to choose from to do seasonal maintenance of your equipment. Choosing the right company can be a challenge, and some of you might have had a bad experience in the past. First you need to choose a company that has great reviews, and pride themselves on a 5-star review, because those are the companies that care, and are not out to make a fast buck. You also need to keep in mind, that hiring a professional isn’t going to be cheap, because most professional companies train their technicians constantly regardless of their experience.
It all starts from that first phone call.
When you are ready to place the first call to the company, be sure to take notes, the professional companies train their call center people how to talk to a client and asking the right questions. A great way to help the person on the other end is to have the correct equipment information, like the year it was installed if available, and details on what is going on. The Call center will then be able to start the process to send the right technician to your home. Once you have your appointment time, most companies will give you a window in which the Technician will be arriving, the well managed companies will have the technician either call or text you when he/she is on the way, the great part about this is you can give the Call Center a time frame like 20-30 min time you would like before they arrive.
The Technician
A technician should be dressed neatly, and well-groomed and it makes it much easier when you look out the window an seeing them walk up the driveway. The introduction is the most important and the technician should introduce himself and ask you to enter the home, and always a good technician will ask if where he parked is satisfactory.
When the technician has entered your home, and after he has set down his tools on the floor, this is where he/she is going to ask you many questions and although some of them questions might not always pertain to the issue, highly trained technicians use this information to let them know that there might be other issues going on that you might not even be aware of. Answer the questions to the best of your knowledge, remember you hired them to fix your system, and by answering doesn’t always mean that end results are going to cost you more, it just gives them facts and possible hidden details, remember 5 Star companies are all about details.
Most 5 Star companies are going to setup a list of expectations of what they are going to do while they are there. Here is a very common list,
• The Technician is going to look at the entire system which includes Furnace/Boiler, AC, and Water Heater.
• If the Technician happens to come across something that should affect your safety or the efficiency of your system, they will put together a list of repair options or recommendations.
• They will not make any repairs without your approval.
• With your permission most 5 Star companies carry most parts on their trucks so that means that they can get started on the repair that day, or have a parts runner bring the approved part out for repair.
The technician just again set you up with what to expect while they are evaluating your system, think of it like your doctor doing test to make sure everything is 100% functional.
The Evaluation:
When you have left the technician to do their job you might likely hear some noise and hear the system starting up and shutting down, this is normal and you shouldn’t worry, and don’t be surprised if you do get a few visits followed by more questions, and do not be afraid to ask any questions you might be concerned about. A good technician will cover every component of the system top to bottom and document all the readings. There are companies out there that will not go through any of this but go down take the door off your furnace start it up and then put the door back on and call that the tune up. A good technician should check all electrical components and mechanical, testing voltage, gas pressures, and what is called static air pressure which is vital for your system to run efficiently. If your technician does not do these things, then there might be cause for alarm.
Once the technician has completed their evaluation they might disappear out to their truck to fill out paperwork and prepare to show you their findings, however going even further if a technician does find something that needs your immediate attention they will take you down by the system and show you the findings and explain in great detail so that you understand what is going on, once you have been informed then they might go out to their truck. Keep in mind that the technician is giving you options on the findings which you get to choose weather or not they are repaired.
Well trained technicians after they come back into your home normally will sit down with you and talk to you on your level, and that means they will not make it too complicated for you to understand. If you happen to not understand something that they are talking to let them know and they will adjust it so that you can follow them.
Understanding the repairs
Once you have the list of options in front of you and the technician has gone over them in detail it is time for you to make an informed decision on what things you must repair and on the things that are just recommended. The most important thing you must know is you are in charge, and you should only do the repairs that are immediate meaning don’t wait until later, because if the technician did their job right you should be able to make that choice easily.
Once the Technician has made the repairs of your system, they should clean up the work area and making sure that nothing is left behind. Well trained companies will vacuum the units and even go as far and wiping it down and using wax to shine it up for that added touch.

Once this is all been done it is now the time to pay the bill, the technician should present you with a form of a invoice for you to sign that they have done the work, and that also gives you that warranty of the work that was completed. Then the technician will ask if you have any other questions, shake your hand and be on their way.
That is a five Star company, and you can be assured that your system is going to be running through the winter season or summer heat, and if the company offers you are maintenance package look close at the true value. You pay to maintain your vehicle, why wouldn’t you do the same with the system that keeps you warm during the winter and cool during the summer.