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A Country Divided


We at GHTR have been sitting back and watching this whole thing with President Trump unfold, and honestly, I have never been more ashamed of this country then I am right now I mean really people. Isn’t it bad enough that our last President Obama caused so much hate in our country that it almost started another race war, and now everyone is just ignoring the facts that our country has more pressing issues then all the attention on how to get Trump out of the White House.

I have two good friends, one that is all about hating Trump and everything he does is treason, he should be killed and sent to prison the rest of his life. He hates Donald Trump so bad that he would be willing to end any friendship long term or not if the other person so much say anything that Trump might be doing, he is that over taken with so much hate it doesn’t matter if the President is doing good or not, what gets me more is, we have a president that attempting to take care of our military, and trying to get them more, and yet this friend is a vet, and he is so blinded by his own hate, that you can’t even talk with him about it.

Now my other friend, lives out west and has worked his whole life and served our country as well. When I see him on Facebook, he isn’t sparking off about how much he hates, Trump, as matter of fact he is the total opposite of my first friend, and he doesn’t post many positive things about Trump because he is doing what everyone should be doing, and that is focusing on the problems and not the man. When I asked him is position, he said, “They keep saying they have all this evidence, and I have not seen any proof that Mr. Trump has done anything really wrong”.

I find it totally amazing that politicians get more then our own military gets then they leave their jobs. Politicians get their full salary, they get 100% healthcare for the rest of their lives which includes their families, and I don’t just mean their immediate family I mean their entire family. What does our military men and women get? VA and that pretty much sums it up, our military gets really nothing and ends up living on the streets, can’t find jobs and they are almost like outcast and yet the people who run our country get more, it just does not make any sense.

We cannot go back to the left people, and no that doesn’t mean we need to keep Trump in office, but I honestly see him being reelected this next time around. I think the reason for this is the radical left, and how much they are fighting to make this country more socialist, give away everything for free and allow so many more things that it will destroy our country. A thought came across my mind just now, why don’t we just divide our country, put the right on one side and give the left their side. It would be more interesting to see what happens in the next 10 years.

We need to come together as a country, we need to become United not Divided!