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Metallica’s James Hetfield Enters Rehab

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for BB Gun)

Metallica postpones upcoming tour as James Hetfield enters rehab, which has been a ongoing struggle with the front man of the band. We have been following this band for as long as they have been around and we have watched them all struggle one way  or the other but James has struggled to get away from the the demand that he really doesn’t want to inhabit is soul.

We are thinking that this might be the last one for Metallica, because James had said that his family is the most important then anything, and is addictions are getting in the way of it, and if the band is the reason for the relapse this could be the end for Metallica, because it will be very hard to replace James. Addiction is real and it is hard enough to beat without having all the elements around you all the time while on tour. Do we think James will bounce back this time? I am sure that he will be back but we just can never tell, and after watching the documentary video “Some Kind of Monster” Hetfield made it perfectly clear of his attentions between his family and the band.

It is going to be very interesting to see the outcome of this. James our prayers are with you and a speedy recovery.