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Grand Haven Pier Lights Up


The Grand Haven Pier lights were turned on at 8PM last night with over 7,000 spectators from all over the area to celebrate this event. The turn out was more then the city expected. The Catwalk was removed over three years ago by the Army Core of Engineers, so that the pier could be resurfaced. At the time there was no plans on replacing the iconic catwalk. I group of Grand Haven orgonizers formed a group called “Save The Catwalk” and they raised over 3.0 million dollars for the reconstructed catwalk and replaced almost 80% of them.

The Iconic catwalk lights can be seen for miles, and the people around Grand Haven showed up to watch the switch be flipped with a roar of spectacular fireworks, not to mention the Grand Haven High School band doing their thing as well, the weather was perfect and even Will Beaton Grand Haven’s only Meteorologist was there to show the support of all the surfers in the area! Will Beaton the owner of www.surfgrandhaven.com pointed his webcam toward the pier for when the nights came on, so that people who could not make it could watch online live.

The second the lights came on you can hear the roar of the people!


Welcome back Grand Haven Catwalk!