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United We Stand – Divided We Fall


I really cannot express how hard it is for me at this time to really look at what is going on in our country now. In my whole life I have never seen the things that I am seeing and honestly people it is horrible. I see many people on Facebook blocking friends, if they don’t side with one or the other and this is starting to get out of hand, and I don’t see an end at all, but here is what I do see what is going on.
The political parties are getting richer, they get paid even after they leave office. Politicians have full medical benefits and not only for them, but for their entire families and I don’t mean just their immediate family, that can trickle down to possible cousins, question is how in the world is that possible?
What does our military get? VA benefits with tons of red tape, they don’t get to keep their pay, oh no they really don’t get anything! Our military is treated like dirt, and we allow this to happen, and it seem that you don’t hear anything about that in the news.
Roseann Barr once said, “You don’t have to like our President but you don’t want him to fail” which really are true, the main stream media has done nothing but to create lies over lies, never telling the whole story and just making this crap up day after day! What this past few years has told me that I can no longer nor will I ever trust what I see in the news to be true, which makes me really now focus on the past like during events like 9/11 I mean oh my God and you imagine how much we were lied to as millions upon millions of people sat glued to the TV’s. I mean I just cannot even think how much the media lied to the American people.
There is a question that people do ask me, and they say, “Do you support Donald Trump”? and here is what I tell them. Donald Trump is a businessman first, has always been in business and we are not talking your small-town businesses, we are talking about multi-billion-dollar companies that were very successful, so he isn’t a politician. Do I think he is a arrogant man with a big head? yes I do, and there are times I think he does stuff just to upset anyone he can to show that he isn’t afraid to back down at all. I also think all of this is done by design, and you keep the people’s attention looking elsewhere and you might be able to get some work done that is needed.
We are called “The United States Of America” I can tell you what we are NOT, “joined together politically, for a common purpose, or by common feelings” We are so divided as a nation that it’s a wonder we can even operate. At one time this country was one of the greatest countries in the world, we had a saying, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” So I ask you what has happened to our great nation?
We have become so divided from what our own constitution represents that we don’t really use it as we should, it is what our country was built upon, and now it is nothing more than a useless piece of paper in a museum, not for me though for me it is what this country is all about. We as a country allow so many things to take place, and we allow new laws to be written to justify us going against the laws, and those laws are overwritten repeatedly. We allow people from other countries to live here in America, and if they feel offended by religion or something that just upsets them, then they file lawsuits, and then those create laws to ban religion, or what ever offends them. We allow this to happen!
What about being forced to believe that if a person wants to be called a woman or a man that you have to accept that and if you don’t then you are a racist which now bringing a whole new fight to our land. I can tell you this though the more that the left does what it is doing the worse this country is becoming. I don’t really think anything is going to get any better, Trump will be reelected, the left and mainstream media will go out of their way to destroy what country we have left. In the middle of all this, cancer in our country is at an all-time high, and more then any other country in the entire world, why is that? Is there a cure or is our government making so much money from killing millions of our people daily?
I can say we need to pull together, I can say that this country needs to change, and even more than that we can say we can change the world but honestly we can’t the damage is way too deep and there is no way for us to recover in anyway. I do have hope, what little that will do, but honestly our children and their children will be the ones that will pay for all our mistakes.
Again, Untied We Stand- Divided We Fall! The United States has fallen!