Voter stress and vote or voting psychological pressure concept as an election campaign psychology distress symbol with conservative and liberal competing with 3D illustration elements.

What a shame! This whole thing with the left has completely gone out of control and it seems that more and more people are hiding what they might believe in and that is because if anyone speaks their mind you don’t know what might happen.

People are fighting, calling names, unfriending, and the list goes on, and what really is sad that where is this all coming from. There is more hate in the country then there ever has in my history. If you support the right, Your Hated, if you support the left you are forgiven. You don’t see the Republicans losing their minds, but holy cow people the democrats have lost their minds. Can you imagine how much money has been spent trying to find things wrong with the president, how much money has been spent with the media and the time!

I guess once the Dem’s get back in power our world will be so much better!