Grand Haven's Web Development Company! That lets you make the choice.

Shape Web Designs is located in Grand Haven Michigan and really isn’t like any other company in the area, and just recently company owner Robert Woonacott has announced that the old way of doing business is out and the new way is in, and for some, you might ask yourself what is new?

People like options, and they want to be in charge and they also want to choose how much they can afford. For years major companies have been using the, “trust us we know what we are doing” approach and that isn’t working anymore. Businesses should have the choice to pick and choose what services that they feel they need, and as a business person these days I myself like options.

Shape Web Designs is going to start offering packages that companies will pay monthly, and this is where the clients can pick and choose which package they want, to make it even easier, Shape Web Designs is only going to offer only three different packages only. each package is simple and easy to understand.

In this day and age we really need to keep it simple, and when I say keep it simple you keep it simple for the clients, tell them what they are going to get with each package and set that expectation to meet their goals, no more and no less! The client doesn’t need to hear about any of the technical crap, they just want to work on what they do best and leave that up the the company they are hiring, just keep it simple.

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