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Winter Update for 2019-2020 in Grand Haven

Grand Haven Snowy landscape with covered by fresh snow street and trees, cleaned walkway in a foreground. Small city life background.

Time for an update from the Winter Outlook published back on October 30th. We did indeed have a cold November especially the first half of the month when temperatures averaged roughly 15 degrees below normal and we collected over a foot of snow at the Grand Haven Beach Weather Station. The last week the temperatures have moderated to near normal and our snow has fallen off. The weather this week will be very active especially on Wednesday November 27 when high winds will hit our area. Anyone with an interest in Grand Haven and wanting to see big waves on Lake Michigan, you will want to check in with the webcam or take a visit to the lakeshore an observe a spectacular display of nature that usually occurs in the late fall in this area. The noteworthy fact is that the wind direction will be from the west southwest which is the worst (best) direction for creating large waves. I say worst because as we are all aware of the high-water levels and the timing of this storm will take a devastating toll in terms of erosion. It was November 10, 1975 when a similar storm with west southwest winds at 60 knots produced one of the most tragic and dramatic water rescues here in Grand Haven. It is interesting that 1975 was a significant year of erosion too with many cottages destroyed in November storms that year.
Turning our attention to the winter outlook for December we will see a return of cold weather and snowfall during the first week of December. Snow will continue to accumulate until December 20 and then we will get a little break with temperatures a few degrees above freezing and precipitation will take the form of sleet, freezing rain and ice until the end of 2019. Overall, December will be below average on temperature and 35-40 inches of snow will fall during the month.
More on the winter outlook in January, February and March will be coming during December. That’s all for now and be sure to check things in Grand Haven this Wednesday the 27th!
Will Beaton Meteorologist SurfGrandHaven.com