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For the past 10 years GHTR Grand Haven Talk Radio had dominated the local radio market which included a podcast stream that broadcasted around the world with over 2.7 Million listeners. In early 2016 GHTR sort of took the back seat and sort of shut down due to various reasons. Over the 10 years that […]

There is a piece of equipment in your home that most of us seem to forget about, we might walk by it maybe once or twice a month and never give it another look, and honestly there is a piece of equipment outside that we all ignore just because in our minds as long as […]

There comes a point in which people want to start building their credit and when they start to rebuild they start to get excited about maybe getting a new car. They go to a car dealership and find out that they have spent a whole year building their credit up only to come up short […]

As of May 2019, work has begun on the re-installation of the pier catwalk.  On Tuesday May 14 City Officials, Erin Turrell who is the Leader of the Committee to restore the catwalk, and contributors to the project met out on the pier to celebrate the final stages of the project. Notable dignitaries in attendance […]

Robert here and it has been a while since we have really focused on the up and coming new GHTR. We haven’t had a broadcast since 2018 due to changes in our staff. I can surly say this though that we are coming back and it is going to be our best yet. The reason […]

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