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Late Night With Robert

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Wow has it been that long since we have had our night on Fridays? Our show is coming back on the air waves in March and I am totally stocked about it. I will be making some changes but we are going back to the roots of our show. It was a time when we talked about the line up of new artist and talked more then we played music. We will be adding a new cast member to the show to replace Kris Allen. Due to unforeseen circumstances Kris Allen will not be joining GHTR.

The show that everyone loves is coming back to the air waves March 15th 2019. It has been a long time coming but by popular demand and thousands of letters the show is going to be coming back however without the original cast. Robert Woonacott will be returning with a new unnamed Co-Host at this time. The reason behind the change in cast members is under wraps at this time due to unforeseen circumstances.

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