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This Country Needs a New Government

We The People


In this day and age right now our country is in such turmoil and you don’t know whether to believe the left or the right and this is something that we all have to work on we have to take back our country the best that we can and the only way to do that is to fire everybody I mean we don’t need them we need a government that’s going to be for we people not to control us United States of America we can’t even say we’re united anymore it’s just America we are just America and that’s the way it is right now there’s so much division in our country it’s phenomenal of how much division there is.
I mean look what they’re doing with our children they’re doing they’re tearing down the system they’re tearing down the system so bad that our children education is going to be nothing short of being transgender what their what their body parts are and that’s just too much to put onto children these days we just have to become stronger and not let our government control us I’m all for equal rights I am all for the way that this country was founded on I go by the constitution I am not a republican and I am not a Democrat I am an American citizen ready to fire our government at any time we the people need to take our country back