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Total Control


I personally feel that our government is in control of, “We The People”, in the past couple years I have seen the things that just make me cringe, in this day and age you would think by now that the Democrats and the Republicans would try to work together to make the United states completely perfect for anybody who wants to move here from other countries yet we open up our borders and allowing illegal aliens to cross the borders into our country and now we’re at a couple million are you kidding me. Who are these people where did they come from why are they here good question right?
as I sit here, I wonder from day-to-day if I am going to be able to afford to drive myself to work, if I am going to be able to even keep my job because of the economy where it is on this day. The cost of living has affected everybody but yet it’s not the present administration’s fault no it’s the Republicans fault and yet they tell us that if the Republicans take the house and take the Senate that inflation’s going to go up and gas prices are going to go up and I just shake my head and discuss yeah this is in America the land of the free anymore or being controlled and I’m the brink of nuclear war or because these people think that if there is a nuclear war they’re going to be rich they’re just idiots and we’re in the crosshairs of greed.